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Kore Outdoor Ltd. manufactures and distributes paintballs, markers and related accessories servicing a worldwide customer base of paintball fields and stores.

Kore is recognized as a global leader in the manufacturing of high-quality paintball products which are marketed to individuals at all levels of play, from entry level to competitive play market segments.

Kore Outdoor is based in North America and we are the largest manufacturer of paintballs and paintball gear in the world. With origins that date back to the 1980’s when paintball first began,

Kore is a conglomeration of some of the most prominent brands in paintball together in one company spread out over 11 locations in four countries. Our company consists of 250 full-time employees worldwide, producing billions of paintballs annually and are famously known for our popular brands: Tippmann, Empire, JT, G.I Sportz, Spyder, Vforce and more. Kore supplies fields and stores worldwide further supporting the industry through the sponsorship of professional tournament teams, scenario and big game events and many local charities.

The Kore team is made up of industry-leading specialists in sales, manufacturing, marketing and design. Kore’s management team is led by CEO Billy Ceranski,  Chief Operating Officer Dave “Opie” Thomas and Director of Finance, Hratch Gurunlian.