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Acquisition ensures seamless continuity of service for European market

MONTREAL, December 8, 2021 – Kore Outdoor Inc. (“Kore” or “Company”), the world’s premier   manufacturer and supplier of high-quality paintball products, today announced the acquisition through its wholly-owned subsidiary Kore Outdoor Europe Limited. of U.K.-based G.I. Sportz Europe Limited.

“This acquisition allows us to consolidate ownership of our European business,” said Billy Ceranski, CEO of Kore. “As we continue to emerge from the global pandemic, we expect to see a strengthening of our business across this very important market. Today’s transaction will allow us to continue serving the European market from our base in the U.K.”

The Company also announced that it does not expect to make any changes to the U.K. operation including its workforce as a result of the acquisition.

Kore will continue to offer a portfolio of brands in Europe, which includes G.I. Sportz, Empire, Tippman, Spyder, JT and VForce. Collectively, these brands comprise the world’s best-selling and most comprehensive suite of paintball products.

About Kore Outdoor Inc.

Kore Outdoor Inc. manufactures and distributes paintballs, markers and related accessories.  Kore serves a worldwide customer base of paintball fields and stores. Kore is recognized as a global leader in the manufacturing of high-quality paintball products which are marketed to individuals at all levels of play, from entry level to competitive play market segments.

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Paul Antoniadis, SVP and CFO

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