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Fort Wayne, February 02, 2024 – Kore Outdoor, the global leader in paintball, is proud to introduce our new tactical survival brand: Black Bunker.

The purpose of Black Bunker is to provide superior tactical survival gear for vigilant citizens in urban- and wilderness environments. The mantra is Adapt.Survive.The first product is the foldable BM8 break barrel survival air rifle that comes in 2 color configurations, 2 calibers (.177/4.5mm & .22/ 5.5mm) and 2 types of barrels (standard and threaded).The BM8 air rifle is one of a kind with its revolutionary and distinct design and innovative features such as the triangular shape and 2-stage safety lock system, which renders the rifle non-functional during storage and transport.The BM8 air rifles are designed, engineered, and built in-house, so we manage and control all the steps of the process and retain the ability to select the best materials.Key features of the BM8:• The BM8 is foldable, compact, and easy to store and transport. Fits in backpack.• The first color options are Black & Coyote Tan.• Break barrel gas ram technology.• Full power velocity:o Cal. 177/ 4.5mm (Up to 1100 Fps w lead pellet)o Cal. .22/ 5.5mm (Up to 850 Fps w lead pellet).• Velocity can be adapted to any market requirement.• Built in military grade materials: reinforced nylon fiber and carbon steel.• Open sights mounted. Rear sight adjustable.• Picatinny rails for scope mount and bipod.• Includes custom survival case for tools and a protection cover for the barrel and breech.• Optional BM8 knife with bayonet attachment.• Metal display that holds the BM8 in an upright and folded triangular position available.• Triangular BM8 backpack in rugged canvas for transportation can be preordered.• Distinct marketing materials:• Triangular compact packaging in master packs of 3.• Patent pending.Join the Vigilant Tribe by sending a message to mstelling@koreoutdoor.comAdapt.SurviveBlack


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